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 بانفراد تـــــام Messanger plus live 4.80

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تاريخ التسجيل : 18/12/2009

مُساهمةموضوع: بانفراد تـــــام Messanger plus live 4.80   الجمعة يونيو 04, 2010 2:23 am


بانفراد تـــــام Messanger plus live 4.80

اصداار جديــــد من برنامج اضافات الماسنجر

If you're an avid Windows Live Messenger user like myself, you'll be happy to know that Patchou has officially released Messenger Plus! Live 4.80. This release isn't a major update to the program (That's coming in v5.0), but has definitely added a ton of functionality for developers and skinners.This update is also now 100% functional with Windows Live Messenger v14.0.8050.1202. More information about this update can be viewed at the official changelog.

Patchou added, "Despite the lack of visual changes in the software, the change log shows that many things were done under the hood. As often, scripts and skins in particular got their good share of improvements. There are now more than 500 of them in the official databases of this site."

Messenger Plus! Live is an addon for Windows Live Messenger that adds over 100 unique features like tabbed chatting, enhanced chat logging and searching, desktop contacts, messenger lock, and a comprehensive contact list clean-up tool. The addon also provides detailed documentation for developers to create custom scripts and skins that make your IM experience even better.

Messenger Plus! is freeware. Freeware is neither spyware nor shareware, just freeware. It's 100% free to use and you can choose whether you want to install the sponsor program that comes with it or not. Join millions of happy users right now





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بانفراد تـــــام Messanger plus live 4.80
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